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Zac Efron & Bear Grylls touch each other on Running Wild

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Cast of Spartacus

- Liam McIntyre

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This Joss panel…


Liam McIntyre

Chloe Bennet

Seth Green

Alan Tudyk

Currently watching the NerdHQ Conversation with Orphan Black panel…

….aka “Hear the Cast of Orphan Black Compliment Tatiana Maslany For An Hour”

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'Orphan Black's' Tatiana Maslany Fight Zombies as 'Shaun of the Dead' - x

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Happy 28th Birthday, Alexandra Chando! (July 28, 1986)

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Debra “foul mouth” Morgan

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Joe tries to sway a vote for the mtvU Fandom Awards [x]

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Osric Chau asking a question at the Supernatural Comic Con panel.

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